Danielle Berkel – Professional Lifestyle Photographer

Graduate of the Fanshawe Photography Program; born and raised in the good old town of Tillsonburg (rest in peace Stompin’ Tom Connors), owner of Paper Suitcase Photography, stubbornly Dutch and passionately in love with lifestyle photography.


Where I’m From?

I am from Lucky the stuffed dog, a faithful (but lost) blankie and seven years of thumb sucking.  I am from the old red brick house and forever-long games of hide and go seek.  I am from the ability to distort facial features, the “Berkel Walk”, and singing loudly and freely along to cassette tapes.  From, “Because I said so”, “Kiss-que-c’est” and “You know what else is annoying? You”.  I am from Madeline, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Wishbone and every Disney movie.  From cuts and bruises, dog attacks and a forehead constantly mocked for its size.  I’m from wooden church pews, grey Psalter hymnals and organ music with frequent errors.  From meeting a curly brown-haired girl with fancy shoes in second grade who was to become my very best friend.  I am from sleepovers (with little sleep) in igloos, on trampolines or in tree forts.  I am from secret books, sign language and fits of laughter that cause side-aches.  From withdrawing my acceptance for Kinesiology to pursue my true love for photography.  I’m from the continuous support of a family of love.

Copyright Information:

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